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Client: Grohe
Agency: jovoto.com
Art Direction, Photoshop

Der Duschbrausenhersteller Grohe beauftragte die Kreativ-community von jovoto.com mit dem Entwurf eines Konzepts zur Bewerbung einer neuen microsite. Die Zielgruppe der Kampagne wurde mit 20-45 jährigen web- und designaffinen Menschen definiert.
Am Ende des Contest standen 89 Einreichungen, von denen meine Idee den 5ten Platz erreichen konnte.

First of all GROHE wants to spread the word about the microsite.
The idea is to work with a keyvisual, that represents the microsite and the campaign as some kind of logo . This visual appears everywhere in no time at all and thereby attracts the attention. People wonder what is behind this and get curious.
To achieve this, the campaign “your reason” is communicated through three channels:
Print, Web and Guerrilla. All advertising materials have the key-visual in the foreground and refer to the microsite www.grohe.com/yourreason which includes a Photo-/Video-Contest.

Contest course:
# Order free grohe-shirt
# Your reason to shower as photo / video
# Upload media and win prizes

Everybody who wears the grohe-shirt in the uploaded media is allowed to participate.
In this way, the contest participants become mobile advertising spaces itself, and microsite/visual are further promoted.
The free shirt gives an additional incentive (in addition to the prices from the contest) to participate in the contest.